New York Re-open Now

This week, New York state’s Covid-related hospitalizations dropped to 418, with 109 New Yorkers in ICUs—the lowest numbers we’ve seen since March. The lead up to Labor Day sees plenty of reopenings: Edge is back today after its star turn on the VMAs last weekend. ARTECHOUSE, the Whitney, and Poster House return tomorrow, followed by the Morgan this weekend. Gyms are also back today, speeded along by an initial run of virtual inspections.

2021 could be an epic year for travel. Abbott Laboratories’s new rapid coronavirus test takes 15 minutes and costs $5. It could be a game changer for travel.

As the Times put it yesterday, “if you’re worried about Covid-19, at this point New York is one of the safest places in America.” Not exactly the fiery hellscape some have suggested this week. Happy Labor Day Weekend!