You’ll never guess what Conwell Coffee Hall is hiding…

Surprise! Conwell Coffee Hall Houses a Secret Immersive Production

Back in March, we announced the opening of Conwell Coffee Hall, a gorgeous new caffeine hub housed in a former bank lobby at 6 Hanover St. It felt, as we said, like a “place where magic just might happen” — and we weren’t just wowed by the Art Deco details. It turns out that Conwell Coffee Hall is harboring an exciting secret; and trust us, it’s life changing.

Be sure to check out Conwell Coffee Hall next time you’re in the area, which is worth it for the spectacular decor and delectable grub alone…though you’ll find more than that, if you look hard enough.

A Year After the Grand Re-Opening, What’s in Stock at Century 21? 

It’s been about one year since the grand re-opening of Century 21’s flagship location, which brought thousands of enthusiastic shoppers to Lower Manhattan. A year later, the store’s four levels of clothing, perfume, shoes, accessories, household goods and much more continue to delight shoppers looking for affordable designer goods.

We stopped by Century 21 to see what’s in stock and chat with customers, and it turns out that even though Century 21 is one of Lower Manhattan’s most famous stores, it’s also one of downtown’s best kept secrets. The wares and bargains here are truly excellentread more about our experience, and be sure to swing by 22 Cortlandt St. to get a firsthand look at the goods!

Governors Island Spa QC NY Will Be Even Bigger, More Relaxing This Summer

Good news for those of you who love being pampered with a side of Lower Manhattan’s striking skyline: QC NY, everyone’s favorite Governors Island spa, is expanding its offerings this summer. In July 2024, a new 15,000-square-foot building will add even more luxurious experiences including sensory saunas, waterfalls, a salt room, an ice room, a lavender room, a relaxation room with waterbeds and Casa QC, an Italianesque bistro.

You can find more pricing and information here. BYO stress (but we promise you won’t leave with it).