NYC Tourism Update

Although the Delta variant’s impact on the economy is drawing most of the headlines, it’s worth noting the good news for New York that’s out there as well. The city will not be competing with European destinations in light of new international restrictions. On the domestic front, the number one fall destination for lodging searchers? That would be New York City. NYC will be ready to greet these visitors—many coming for longer stretches than usual—as reopening news continues to post:

Twenty years ago New York City suffered terrible losses in the September 11 attacks. We have listed highlights of the city’s commemorative events below. Along with NYC institutions, City Guide remembers the lives of the victims, the strength of their families, and the sacrifices of first responders, recovery workers, and volunteers. Many of us questioned what kind of city would come back in the wake of so much destruction. As we remember this solemn anniversary, we should also keep in mind the outpouring of support NYC received, and the exponential growth of the city as a tourism destination in the years since. Although we are again facing challenges, we have another chance to show the world New York City’s extraordinary resilience.