NYC Re-opening Update

Is it time for Phase 4? Things are lining up for the next step on Monday, July 20th. Earlier this week, the positive rate for COVID-19 was 1.08% statewide (in considerable contrast to Florida, which has been running at 15%-20%). On Saturday, NYC recorded zero deaths from coronavirus. The latest map of open restaurants shows over 8,200 options, including more than 4,500 outdoor spots and 57 open streets.

There are so many re-openings in the city it’s getting harder to track. Today Governors Island reopens for the summer, with expanded ferry access points. Tomorrow the High Line returns, with timed ticketing. Come Monday, Circle Line, the Empire State Building, and a to-go version of Smorgasburg will be back. The New York Botanical Garden reopens next week, and the zoos and aquarium are back a week from Friday. City Guide is compiling the latest on coronavirus safety plans and reopening in NYC. 

We believe NYC is well-positioned for Phase 4. And we’re optimistic that scientific breakthroughs may speed up the pace of recovery. A pilot program in the Bronx is testing a 15-minute COVID-19 test. An Israeli team has invented a COVID-19 breathalyzer, which uses frequency to detect the virus. The results come back in seconds. The device went into testing last week, and could be fast-tracked for approval in the U.S. as early as September.