New York’s Next Comeback

New York will be back. A thoughtful new report from the Regional Plan Association lays out the most likely scenarios of “New York’s Next Comeback.” There are cautions, like not mistaking short-term disruptions for new paradigms. The report includes strong evidence that density is not a disadvantage, even in coronavirus times; the deterioration of public services and infrastructure is our primary risk. Among the takeaways are five great reasons for betting on our region’s future: 

Urban density is still an advantage in the global economy

Diversity and talent still drive economic success

The New York region’s unique agglomeration of assets is impossible to replicate

New businesses and households will take advantage of vacant space and lower rents

The crisis has been a wake up call to address our structural problems

The RPA, which has advocated for quality of life improvements in the tri-state since 1922, has been through the city’s ups and downs before. The city will come back from this one and there’s an opportunity to come back stronger.